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CTI's patented forks in this picture have been designed specifically for 4-in-1 buckets in the 1 to 1.3 yard class.

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Use CTI bucket forks and pallet forks to turn your loader or skid steer into a forklift for material handling. Expand the usefulness of your equipment at job sites. Easy to install, to use and to maintain.

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As a US manufacturer, we can deliver our products rapidly.

We can meet your needs to move materials at construction sites -- buildings, landscaping, reclamation, highways, pipe jobs and many more -- faster and cheaper.

Our asphalt cutters cleancut asphalt easily and quickly for utility work or asphalt maintenance.



CTI fork attachments for skid steers or loaders can save you money at your job site:

  • Avoid buying a separate forklift.

  • Use your existing equipment to move materials.

  • Share a CTI fork attachment among several machines.

  • Attach our forks easily in seconds at a work site.


Move materials efficiently at your work site

Use a CTI attachment to move the following materials:

  • Construction

building materials, such as sheeting, conduit, pipe, brick, concrete block, roofing tiles, or almost any palletized load

  • Highway repair

warning signs, concrete barriers, supplies on pallets

  • Landscaping

balled trees, rocks, sod, railroad ties, supplies, or almost any palletized load

Repair your asphalt using a CTI asphalt cutter

Attach a CTI asphalt cutter to your bucket or grader blade when making utility and maintenance repairs to asphalt streets, driveways, or parking lots. Using our asphalt cutter is fast, efficient and economical.

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